Looking for a job? Starting salaries are going up!


Starting salaries for professional occupations are expected to increase nationwide by an average of 3.6% in 2017.

Base salaries are expected to rise in 2017.  As you might imagine, the gains in the technology sector will be higher than average, at 3.8%.

With skilled professionals in high demand and short supply, more employers are willing to negotiate compensation with potential hires.

Candidates are receiving multiple job offers, so it’s important for hiring managers to move quickly. Candidates will lose interest if the hiring process drags on.


Here’s a breakdown of the findings by category, plus the specific jobs that are available right now!

IT professionals – 3.8% projected increase

Positions in demand:

  • Data scientists
  • Big data engineers
  • Network security engineers


Accounting and finance – 3.7% projected increase

Positions in demand:

  • Controllers
  • Financial analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Staff and senior accountants


Legal – 3.6% projected increase

Positions in demand:

  • Litigation support/eDiscovery directors
  • First-year associates at large law firms
  • Experienced lawyers
  • Compliance managers


Creative and marketing – 3.6% projected increase

Positions in demand:

  • Web designers with front-end coding expertise
  • Copywriters familiar with SEO


Administrative professionals – 3.5% projected increase

Positions in demand:

  • Administrative healthcare
  • Customer service/call center specialties



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