Gain a Huge Advantage, Work with 3rd Party Recruiters

By: Jim Lotz

They manage passive and active candidates

Utilizing both types of candidate can easily raise the quality of each new hire. Passive candidates have a much higher retention rate. Think about it: these people are leaving their current career because there is an opportunity that they are more interested in pursuing long term. They do not need income quickly or feel pressured to accept an offer. 3rd party recruiters have a large network of passive candidates. Finding one for your company can lead to a long and prosperous employer-employee relationship.

The best people work with them

Simply put, great talent are not afraid to use great 3rd party recruiters. They want the best opportunities and they know that a good 3rd party recruiter will be able to find them. If you’re looking for a great senior level engineer, I guarantee that a great recruiting company will have 5-10 high quality candidates in the pipeline at all times.

They have deep networks and instant access to talent

These recruiters make their living by knowing the right people. Their networks are constantly expanding and if your business has the right opportunities, then they will know the right people. Most are connected to thousands of people. Their database may have 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of candidates in them.

They understand a good candidate from a bad one

Not to say that internal recruiters cannot see a good candidate from a bad one, but it is safe to say that an experienced 3rd party recruiter has seen many people come and go from a particular field or job title. Given their experience will be easy for them to present the highest quality candidates that will fit your business.

Candidate Evaluations

Not only are agency recruiters able to develop relationships with their employees, they are able to provide evaluations that can further the understanding of qualifications for the job. Every 3rd-party recruiting company offers skills testing and many provide personality testing as well. They may also be able to provide background and credit checks, drug screening, and additional requests for information. All of this information can be beneficial to the hiring company and go a long way to ensure that the candidate is the right fit for the job.

They are paid by performance, not activity

A 3rd party recruiter will only earn income if they place a candidate AND the candidate stays in the job for a set period of time. This drives them to find the perfect placement because it is the only way that they will make a living.

They have access to Talent that corporate recruiters do not

If a corporate recruiter attempts to connect with someone on LinkedIn, the candidate instantly knows what the opportunity entails.  When a Contingency recruiter connects with a candidate they usually have 4-5 opportunities that are interesting for the candidate.

Staffing companies do nothing more than recruit top talent and place them on assignments at their client companies.

Temporary Solutions

Not every hiring decision can be made quickly. Often there are considerations for budget and production that prevent a position from being filled after an employee has left the job. Regardless of the need to conserve money it is important that the work continue to be done effectively and efficiently. This is where a third party recruiter can help with the addition of temporary staff to your work force. There staffing company can provide a qualified individual who requires very little training to assist you with your needs until you are able to make a permanent hiring decision. And you never know; the temporary employee may be the best long term solution for your need.

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