Putting Your Best Voice Forward In Phone Interviews

By: Don Goodman Take the tips offered here to help put your best voice forward and further advance on an opportunity to a job offer: Treat Every Call You Receive Like It Was an Interview Phone interviews may not always be scheduled. An employer may call you to respond to your submitted cover letter and…

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Looking for a job? Starting salaries are going up!

Starting salaries for professional occupations are expected to increase nationwide by an average of 3.6% in 2017. Base salaries are expected to rise in 2017.  As you might imagine, the gains in the technology sector will be higher than average, at 3.8%. With skilled professionals in high demand and short supply, more employers are willing…

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It is Time for Organizations to Change their Vacation Policies.

Wishing for more vacation days graphic

Last I checked we are half way through 2016. We’re far removed from the 1950s, but we’re still using the same old, standard vacation policies today. Businesses utilize these policies without fully considering what works best for their overall growth, costs, and employees. Overhauling vacation plans could be the best thing your company ever does.…

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