It’s all about the fit.
JellTech Team Photo

About Us

JellTech specializes in helping engineering, technical and IT professionals discover new opportunities with some of the best companies in southeastern Wisconsin. Since 2003, we’ve built our reputation on trusted, long-lasting relationships earned through honesty, communication and accountability. For us, it’s all about making sure “the fit” between employer and employee is rewarding for both.

Our Team

Whether you’re a corporation seeking to hire the most experienced professionals or a job seeker looking for a new opportunity, our high-performance team is experienced, resourceful and relentless in matching the right candidates with the right positions.

Collectively, our team has over a gazillion years of experience in IT and engineering staffing – that’s kind of our “secret sauce”. Most of our people have been with JellTech for years. The rest are diamonds we’ve mined as we continue to grow.

Bruce Herbst Team Photo

Bruce Herbst


Bruce was our company founder and president for 18 years. He was in the staffing and placement business for over 30 years, building solid, long-lasting relationships with clients along the way. Bruce was an effective leader with strong business acumen that sets the standard for everyone at JellTech. He extended his leadership to West Bend Country Club as a board member.

Pete Smith Team Photo

Pete Smith


Pete has been a force for us since JellTech’s inception as a co-owner. Pete is an entrepreneur and business investor and also quite an athlete. He has more 300 games bowling than Persia and Greece had battles.  Pete enjoys more rounds of golf than there are days of the week. Needless to say, he’s awfully good at it.

Brian Herbst

Vice President

Brian is Vice President and has been a recruiter in our Engineering and Technical areas. He is our go-to guy if a client brings us a purple squirrel position. We are not entirely sure how he does it, but Brian is tenacious. He finds the un-findable. You name the position, he’ll find someone for you and they WILL be a fit. Brian can hit a golf ball about a mile, as well. He has a pretty solid short game, too. Brian also founded Do Good Wisconsin for charitable endeavors.

Bryan Hanson

Engineering Recruiter

Bryan is one of our Engineering Recruiters. He’s got a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and once upon a time he was a school counselor. That means he understands the how’s and why’s of people looking for their next career move and our clients.

Charity Guzman Team Photo

Charity Guzman

Payroll Coordinator


If there were a JellTech MVP, it would be Charity. Her role at JellTech is so extensive it couldn’t fit on a single business card. Charity is the glue that holds JellTech together. She helps us in every area of the company and she keeps us all in line. Besides all she does here, Charity is on the Board of Directors for the Waukesha County Fair and is also involved in Waukesha County 4-H.

Chuck Peplinski Team Photo

Chuck Peplinski

Senior Account

Chuck is our Senior Account Manager. With more than 20 years in the placement and staffing business, he works with manufacturing companies all over Wisconsin. Chuck helps his clients build their organizations with qualified people. Chuck’s laugh is contagious and he knows the key to this business is to not take yourself too seriously. In the summer months you might run across Chuck trekking on his bicycle.

Corey Will Team Photo

Corey Will

Senior Engineering and
Technical Recruiter

Corey is our Senior Engineering and Technical Recruiter. He’s been doing this for such a long time that you might as well call him the walking encyclopedia of candidates. As soon as we get a new position, Corey knows exactly who to call, right off the top of his head. If you want to find your next career move, be sure to pick Corey’s brain.

Steve Salaty

Senior Engineering and
Technical Recruiter

(Salty) Steve is our Senior Engineering and Technical Recruiter. He does a great job finding qualified candidates for our manufacturing clients. Steve has 15 years’ experience recruiting engineers, designers, technicians, and IT people. He’s a regular Radar O’Reilly because he can anticipate people looking to move before THEY know they want to move. He takes a thoughtful, methodical approach to finding just the right person for our clients.