Would You Buy Your Company’s Product?

By: Erv Raasch

Enterprise Account Executive, JellTech Consulting

In a recent discussion with one of my customers, we discussed the status of the company. I asked how they were doing. The answer, shortened for this topic, was that they were struggling with Sales.

I have been in business development for quite a while and came up through the technical ranks, so I am analytical.

After some initial discussion, I asked this executive if THEY would buy from their Sales Person. The answer was NO!

I asked this executive if they would buy from the Sales Manager. The answer was NO as well.

Then I asked if this executive would buy from the OWNER? The answer was an emphatic YES!

So I asked, WHY the difference? The explanation was simple, but complex. The answer was twofold: First, the owner had PASSION. Secondly, the owner could be FLEXIBLE IN THE PROMISE!


I have talked about passion for quite a while. It is my opinion that ALL Sales/Business Development folks should first have the same PASSION as the owner of the company. Depending on the company, the same PASSION for the company’s products and/or services as the CEO.


PASSION for your product comes out in body language, mannerisms, and conviction. It is also my opinion that PASSION drives Motivation, which drives wanting to tell the world about your product. If you wouldn’t buy from your Sales Department there is a big problem.


Sales/Business Development people should act like mini-Franchisees within the company. There will always be that point in any sale where you can’t ask the boss for approval. Those are the sales that make the sales person and the company. Why? The sales person gave his word/promise on the delivery of a Product and/or Service to that customer.

I have seen many instances where the Sales person made a sale and is very excited, only to find out that the company can’t deliver. Non-Delivery can take shape in many forms: Capability, Company Direction, Logistics, Non-flexible Delivery model, etc.

The purpose of this writing was to point out that companies should focus on the Front Line and what is being proposed, communicated and/or sold to their customers including how they can deliver on that promise. Their Competition does! More Sales come from a prepared solution brought to market by a prepared delivery of the idea and then delivery of the solution.

In this particular situation there are many things that can be addressed by the owner. A consistent sales message, Possible Sales Training, and Sales Resource Adjustments all will help; but in the end, Sales plus the delivery on a promise drives ALL business.

So ask yourself, would you buy a product from your Sales Department?

Let’s hope the answer is YES!

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